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Brent Teaching School Alliance


Name: Becky Parsons
Current Position: Literacy and Languages Faculty Leader

School name and address: Byron Court Primary School,  Spencer Road, Wembley, HA0 3SF


Specialist Area(s): Literacy

 Background information:

As the Literacy and Language Faculty leader, I direct 24 members of staff within my specialist subject area, creating effective teams who work together to improve literacy attainment in the school.

 Yearly Action Plans help us to evaluate targets set, and consequently this has allowed me to raise standards in Reading and Writing, accelerating the learning of under-achieving pupils. Pedagogies implemented have been installed into the whole-school Literacy Curriculum, the weekly timetable and are in-line with the new demands of a more challenging National Curriculum.

 In 2015 I was fortunate enough to become a strategic member for the Brent Schools’ Partnership London School of Excellence Fund. This program - which consists of seminar lessons and a three-day course - is directed at teachers, subject leaders and senior leaders who want to improve the Teaching and Learning of Reading and Writing in their schools. We offer support to all teachers within Brent via the on-line platform; this contains material to support their professional development and provides detailed Literacy plans and quality resources to use in class.

As a Senior Lead Teacher, I lead INSETs, provide NQT training, direct parent workshops, produce model plans, organise feedback sessions and model Outstanding lessons. I believe teaching should engage and captivate whenever possible; methods I have found very useful include using videos and model share-writing activities.

Furthermore, I provide school-to-school support to senior educators who require assistance in embedding whole-school practices and implementing strategic whole-school planning.

I am keen to share these key leadership skills, and help broaden cutting edge teaching practice across other schools within Brent.

I can support with:

Developing action plans, identifying key priorities and SMART targets

Successfully implementing new initiatives

Creating strategic whole-school planning

Reducing in-school variation

Providing one-to-one or group support

Offering coaching and mentoring support

Providing CPD training for teaching staff and TAs

Data analysis





Name: Siobhan Ali

Current Position: Assistant Headteacher

School name and address: Preston Park Primary School, College Road, Wembley


Specialist Area(s): Literacy

 Background information:

I have been teaching for 12 years and initially began my career as a Secondary school English teacher – I position I held for 11 years.  During my career I have been Whole School Literacy Co-ordinator.  I implemented a number of positive initiatives that are still being used throughout the school. For example, I introduced bespoke reading records for the lower school, which allowed teachers and parents to monitor students’ reading and I introduced silent reading during one form time per week throughout the school. Furthermore, I also implemented Literacy classroom displays across the school and conducted successful twilight inset sessions for all teaching staff, aiding them in developing resources for whole school literacy. The purpose of these initiatives was not only to set high expectations for teachers and pupils at the school, but to raise pupil outcomes.

Within the English department I successfully ran the A’ level coursework for seven years and my five years’ experience as a moderator for AQA, enabled me to develop my own skills as a teacher, and to also share my knowledge and experience with my colleagues.  As well as being a moderator for AQA for five years, I was also a Key Stage 3 marker for the reading paper for two years and I marked the Key Stage 2 reading paper.

Prior to leaving Secondary Education I was Head of Key Stage 3 English and this allowed me to work closely with a number of stakeholders.  As part of my role as Head of Key stage 3 English I also conducted half termly work scrutiny and peer observations for termly review purposes, as well as dealing with parental concerns. Furthermore, I worked closely with the Assistant Head of Key Stage 3 to monitor and track pupil progress every half term, in order to improve pupil outcomes, with a particular focus on disadvantaged pupils.

Over the past year I have been Year 6 Group Leader, English Curriculum Leader and more recently Assistant Headteacher. My responsibility for English across the school has enabled me to implement a new guided reading approach. I have successfully embedded guided reading across key stage 2 and this was achieved through a number of twilight inset sessions led by me; conducting regular book scrutiny and learning walks.  Under my leadership, standards in reading and writing have increased both at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 and this was recognised most recently by Ofsted (June 2018). Our Local Authority Review (Feb 2018) also acknowledged the rapid improvement made in English.  Furthermore, as part of my role I have produced an English Improvement Plan.  I have also created a bespoke Key Stage 2 Reading Log that is now being used across Key Stage 2.  Where areas for development are identified, I support colleagues through a number of ways: support with planning, team teaching and modelling outstanding practice for them to observe.

Through a collaborative leadership style, I have secured the achievement of the school’s strategic priorities and over the course of the year I have worked closely with my Headteacher and other members of the senior leadership team in developing the English Curriculum across the school. This has included mapping and selecting books to teach in both English and Guided Reading and suggesting writing tasks across the school.  I am also responsible for monitoring English planning across the school and I make appropriate amendments as and when needed.

I can support with:

Developing and writing English improvement plans, identifying key priorities

Implementing new initiatives with rigour

Creating and editing strategic whole-school planning

Providing individual or whole school support

Offering coaching and mentoring support

Providing PLD training for all staff and parents