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Initial Teacher Training                               

Brent Teaching School Alliance

School Direct Placements for 2019-2020


All applications are made through UCAS.

Feel free to phone our Teaching School Office if you have any queries.

Information related to all our courses can be found on the

Trainee Teacher Portal


Primary Tuition Fee - Recruitment Closed 

Barham Primary School
Elsley Primary School
Oliver Goldsmith School
Preston Park Primary School
Uxendon Manor School

Primary SALARIED - Recruitment Closed

Byron Court School
Barham Primary School
Kingsbury Green Primary School
Mount Stewart School
Preston Manor Lower School
Preston Park Primary School
Sudbury Primary School
Uxendon Manor School




Secondary SALARIED Placements - Recruitment Closed

Claremont High School Academy Preston Manor School
Maths - 3FRM English - 3FRQ
Chemistry - 3FRN Chemistry - 3FRR
English - 3FRP Physics - 3FRT
History - 3FRV
Music - 3FRW 

Secondary TUITION FEE Placements - Recruitment Closed

Claremont High School Academy Preston Manor School
Geography (with Humanities) - 3FS2 Maths - 3FRX
History (with Humanities) - 3FS3 English - 3FRY
English - 3FRY Physics - 3FS4
Drama with English - 3FRZ Chemistry - 3FS5
Biology - 3FS6 

Initial Teacher Training


(Recruitment open)

The Brent Teaching School Alliance (BTSA) is a strong partnership of primary and secondary schools working with the Institute of Education to provide high quality teacher training amongst our mainly 'outstanding' establishments. Our vision is to train and develop the next generation of outstanding teachers for Brent schools.

The consortium of schools involved in the delivery of Initial Teacher Training has a high level of expertise and strong commitment to delivering high quality training. We have a proven track record, successfully training teachers for many years.

In partnership with Brent, the BTSA can provide a broad range of experiences and developmental opportunities within a multi-culturally diverse population, which enriches the experience of teaching within this unique community.

Initial Teacher Training students will be trained in a highly supportive and aspirational environment and will develop the rigour, professional knowledge, understanding and skills necessary for the delivery of creative, purposeful and challenging teaching and learning. Training will be delivered by expert teachers in the partnership schools. This will be enhanced by attendance at the Institute of Education. Students will have full access to the university, a dynamic facilitator of both innovative and traditional approaches to teacher training. 

You will be assigned a mentor from the staff of your assigned school. From the beginning you will be treated like a member of staff and will attend staff meetings and parents evenings. Our mentors are outstanding teachers but they are required to undertake a rigorous training programme to develop their mentoring skills. This includes coaching, effective classroom observation and feedback skills. 

You will be in school from the first day of the school year so you will feel part of the team from day one. 

We offer both NON-SALARIED and SALARIED routes 


Our Teacher Training Programme is run in conjunction with Middlesex Univeristy and leads to a PGCE qualification with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).  


On the Salaried route students are employed by the school.  Work experience (school or other) is desirable but not essential. Successfully completing the salaried route gains students the award of Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). During the course students have the option of joining a PGCE pathway, which continues into their NQT year.

What we are looking for: 

We are looking for ambitious trainee teachers who are passionate and enthusiastic about teaching and have a desire to share this with young people of all abilities. 

This will be demonstrated by meaningful experiences of working with young people. This does not need to be paid work but might be helping with a sports team, drama group or youth club. We would like you to have carried out some observations in a classroom or you may even have worked in a school. 

Entry Requirements

All entrants must have a grade C/4 or above in GCSE English and Mathematics. For graduates intending to train to teach pupils aged 3-11(Primary) you must also have a grade C/5 or above in GCSE Science.

Applicants who do not hold the relevant GCSEs may demonstrate an equivalent standard by completing tests with http://www.equivalencytesting.com and achieving at least a grade C. 
We do not accept equivalency tests from any other testing organisations. Any qualifications must be gained prior to applying. 

As a trainee teacher on our programme, we expect candidates to:

  • Preferably have a 2.1 or above degree, however a 2.2 may be considered
  • Demonstrate an aptitude to teaching
  • Have a commitment to our approach to learning;
  • Have the desire to approach curriculum planning in a creative and imaginative way;
  • Have very high standards for the children and themselves;
  • Be committed to inclusion in terms of social class, race and ability;
  • Have a genuine interest in educational thinking and debate;
  • Have the ability and willingness to continuously reflect, improve and learn from mistakes;
  • Have high levels of interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Have the ability to sustain optimism, energy and a positive outlook under pressure and challenge;
  • Have the capacity for hard work and a sense of humour.                                                                                                                 

All successful applicants will be subject to a DBS and an Occupational Health check. 

To apply please visit the UCAS website for information related to

School-based teacher training.

Please visit each school's individual websites for more information.