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  3. EYFS-Review of Standards

EYFS-Review of Standards

Review of Provision and Standards EYFS

A review of Provision and Standards gives a leader the opportunity to reflect of current practice and identify areas of strength and those requiring development to drive school improvement.

Using the Ofsted framework we will identify strengths and areas for development along with recommendations of how to achieve these within each setting. This will be presented in a formal written report upon completion to the Head Teacher.

 What are the benefits for the school?

  • Creating focused and ambitious targets in the School Development Plan
  • Identifying team strength and driving improvement through shared responsibility
  • Audit of the learning environment, resources and interactions
  • Data analysis, identifying trends, narrowing gaps and setting targets
  • Establishing rigorous scrutiny of principles into practice
  • Supporting the whole staff team in school improvement
  • Bespoke support, tailored to your setting 

BTSA offers bespoke support in this area

For example

Consultation could cover the following format

Duration 1 ½ days

Day 1 (full day)

  • Initial professional discussion establishing an evidence base and areas of priority
  • Learning Walk, looking at the environment, resources and interactions
  • Scrutiny of planning and work
  • Data analysis
  • Identifying strengths and areas for development

Day 2 (half day)

  • Setting targets
  • Identifying CPD and further support
  • Writing a review
  • Presenting findings to SLT