1. School to School Support
  2. Comissioning
  3. Whole School ICT support

Barham Primary Support Services


1. What services we offer


At Barham Primary School, we understand the importance of managing a shrinking budget, but appreciate the importance of ICT in delivering the Curriculum and supporting administration tasks, it is the nerve centre of the organisation. As an ongoing commitment to schools, we rae able to offer the following services;

  1. ICT Consultancy/Guidance
  2. ICT Support
  3. Project Management for all ICT projects
  4. ICT audits
  5. ICT training/curriculum support
  6. Network Management
  7. ICT Vision and Strategy
  8. Network security
  9. Print Management
  10. Cost savings on ICT


GDPR legislation came into force on May 25th 2018, and many schools are still trying/struggling to implement this new legislation.

At Barham, we have in-house expertise on data protection and we are able to help other schools who mau=y be struggling with GDPR. We can offer a personalised service on GDPR, ranging from;

  1. Guidance and Consultancy
  2. Staff awareness/training
  3. Managing external providers, single point of contact
  4. Help with GDPR documentation 

2. Why Barham?

 There are two aspects as to why we felt we wanted to do this. Firstly it was to share our expertise with others but more importantly offering a service that really does represent value for money. We have been made aware of how much some schools are overpaying for external services, at a time when schools are really facing challenging budgets and we now want to offer this service to other schools. 

Secondly, we are able to offer a price without making a profit and view this as Continued Professional Development for our staff and an opportunity for schools to appreciate a bespoke service to them. We do not believe that one size fits all.

3. Our Team

We have a combination of over 20 years' experience in primary education and our network Manager has over 10 years' experience in the private and public sector.

Natalie Dweh - Assistant Head Teacher

Sumit Parmer - ICT Network Manager & Data Protection Officer

Paulette Williamson - Curriculum and computing support

4. Schools we have worked with

  1. Maolrees Junior School
  2. Preston Park Primary School